Conditioning Portable Centrifugal Fan

Conditioning Portable Centrifugal Fan

The KHF centrifugal fan is domestic fan, which base on the advanced technology of American, England, Germany, France, Italy, and have imported French product technique and manufacture technological.
Product description

Brief Introduction of KHF Serial Fan
The KHF centrifugal fan is domestic fan, which base on the advanced technology of American, England, Germany, France, Italy, and have imported French product technique and manufacture technological.
The test proved, KHT centrifugal fan not only has tight structure, high efficiency, low noise, but also has large capacities and pressure, wide performance curve, especially in the large capacities which efficiency is higher, even the performance is excellent, whatever in the national or intermational fan field.
Model KHF serial Centrifugal Fan whole are designed with double suction type and driven by V-belt. The fan are suited to equipped for ventilation plant on the trade as Chemical fibre, textile plants, market shopping, restaurant etc., is also is a ideal products for air-condition and cleaning plant. It has 13 specifications for normalization from 400# to 1800#. The outlet flange position of fan are fixed three kinds(0°、90°、180°).
According to the range of speed the fan has divided into higher (A) and lower speed (B).

The ordinary supplying range of fan as follow:


Normal Type 

Normal Type With Base plate

Lateral Base plate


For supplying range for normal is whole  serial fan, But for special requirement, it be able supply only a net fan.

Supplying  range for whole serial fan, the set is convenience to install, smoothly on  running. (The electric controller is able to supply).

Supplying range for fan number are form  250#~1250 Suitable for the speed of impeller

Outline For Model BKHF Centrifugl Fan
Model BKHF is a kind of anti-explode centrifugol fan, which are suited to the explosible environment, where the mixture gas is inflammable or free explosion with the temoperature of flashing point are lower than ambient and concentration is allowable. The nerial of fan are generally used in ventilations system. For the fan, the highest temperature of medium lese than 80℃,Contants of dust and hard grit lese than 100㎎/m³ the largest diameter of grift less than 1mm.

Characters of Model BKHF
1.The fan are taken same with model BKHF serial, Such as type, construction, figure dimensions, performance, it can be selected directly from table, The motor has explosive-proof (B type) and ordinary (Y type) please noted on order.
2.Except Satisfied the requirement of intersity and rigidity with fan to Consider the explosive proof fully is needful, As Scraping happens between rotor and statical unit the flashing must be averted foom. The material of inlet made from steel sheet and impeller always made from aluminium-alloy. The explosive-proof motor and electric appliance are confirmed with GB3836, The manufacturer must be certifirmed and Supplying the qualification.
3.Guards for rotating impeller, shaft, pulley, belts, spindles and Couplings shall be of Substantied construction to avoid accidental contact between the guards and rotating components, On this component must have earth-grounding to connect confidently with greater than 2m deep underground.
4.Fan for rotating units are fixed tightly with shaft when on installing. Before running in must checked the gap between inlet and impeller, the sing lesingle side value should be large than 2.5mm.

Notice to safety:
1. If fan are to be used no duct connection at inlet, the guard net filter on the inlet side should be installed, For other requirement on safety device will be self-supply with customer. The guarding device can not be reduced the duty because of wouking regulations.
2. For “A” type anti-explode fan are equipped with explosive-proof motor, the accident probability must be considered fully when selecting “Y” type ordinary motor.
3. The explosive-proof motor and accessory electric-appliance, terminal box, switch etc, must be confirmed with GB3836, manufacturer are certificated and supplying with qualification. Connecting the wire conform to the criterion.
4. In all seriousner according with the 《The specification of installation and maintance for fan》 is related to the safety and performance of fan.

Character of KHF serial
The blades of fan are backward curved shape with twist, It has the superiority of higher efficiency necessitated pressure, lower sound level etc.
If impellers are run on higher speed zone to consort with reinforcement being necessary.

The casing from 250# to 1000# are made from galvanized sheet and to connect with looking seam technology.
The Casing connect to the supporter with the rivet nut in tension.
For the fan specification number from 1120# to 1600#, the casing will be made from steel plate with welding construction, the surface are treated with spray painting baling varnish.
For the special request the number of 1120# to 1250# casing are able to make of galvanized steel.
For 1400#~1600# which on specific need the casing are able to make in the horizontal split structure.

Outlet Flanges
According to the needs, the normal suite of casing number from 250# to 1000# are made from galvanized sheet, it has not outlet flange for whole, but with the requirement from customer please noted on order.

The inlet is shaped to nozzle figure and make through with turning press machine.

Shaft is proceed from quality carbonate-steel, which has full safety and enough fatigue strength in design.
After installation the exposed surface of shaft are painted with celluloid paint.

Bearing & Housing
For the fan number 250~800# and 900#,1000#(B range), if running on lower speed than take the self-aligning wearing with set which imported from famous foreign company.
For the higher speed specifications (A range) and the fan number lager than 900#, the bearing take the double row adjustable ball surface wearing companion with cast iron housing to have horizontal split surface.
Whole the lubricating of bearing are taken grease form.

V-belt transmission
The pulley is made from quality casting iron and companion with female cone-shaped bushing, which is convenience to install and maintain. The V-belt is chosen according to request be equipped with domestic or imported goods.

The “A” pressure sound level LPA to be indicated on each performance curve is “A” weight sound pressure level, it was measured according to the Standards of GB2888 and GB1236 on two inlet sides.

The reference value of octave band are calculated as follow:

Correction factor for frequency analysis  △LPi 














































For example:

Air volume 24540(6.81) m³/h(m³/s)
Total pressure   1103    Pa
Air outlet velocity 10.64   m/s
Velocity pressure   68   Pa
Static pressure = total pressure-velocity pressure
                       = 1103-68≈1035 Pa
Impeller rotating speed  1300  r/min
Total pressure efficiency   80    %
For inner power = (Air Volume × Totel pressure)/(Efficency×1000)
                        = (6.81×1103)/(0.8×10000)
May attain inner power Volue from performance curve.
Noise level Lp    84    dB(A)

Motor Selection
From the performance curve inner power by “kW” must be consider to make correction

Adapting power of motor
9.35×1.15 = 10.75   Take11Kw
Each page of the paper shows types, performance curves and sizes of every fan.

Notes of order
When ordering, if possible the customer should indicate the desired fan type, in use for, transmission, rotating speeds, air volumes, total pressure (static pressure), rotating direction and discharge position of fan casing and specification of motor and accessories with fan are remarked. We are glad to carry on new designs and remarking according to the special requests of our customers. Any requests immediate reply.
Each index mentioned in the paper, such as sizes and performance parameter, will not make any announcement if changes are given.

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