High temperature induced draft fans

High temperature induced draft fans

The GCF high temperature jack-in type centrifugal fan designs the manufacture specially for the industrial field situation use,has highly effective,characteristics and so on high pressure,low noise,suits 250℃ under the operating mode temperature situation.
Product description

GCF air blower outline 
The GCF high temperature jack-in type centrifugal fan designs the manufacture specially for the industrial field situation use,has highly effective,characteristics and so on high pressure,low noise,suits 250
under the operating mode temperature situation. widely uses in the hot oven,the dryer furnace and the high temperature das cycle transportation.
The GCF air blower mainly has,the impeller department,the heat preservation insulation support department,the transmission department,the collection wind compositions and so on cabinet department,uses the C type transmission,may adjust the operating point performance through the change rotational speed,in the design movement stable,the size is compact,maintains conveniently.

Unique feature:
Impeller department

The impeller uses the caster distortion leaf blade,becomes by the steel plate welding,has highly effective,merits and so on high pressure ,low noise.In structure when high speed auxiliary increases the rigidity bythe stiffener.
The impeller carries on the transient equilibrium verification,balanced precision≤5.6 level.

Cabinet department
The cabinet is the number spiral structure,uses the high quality steel plate to make.Cabinet hrough spiral hole side cheaply with heat preservation insulation support department or disassemblage,as well as adjustment air outlet angle.In order to be advantageous for the customer set-up,the cabinet department does not carry over the gudty area flange.note:the cabinet   department to choose the fitting ,when ordering must indicate.

Heat preservation insulation support department
Heat preservation insulation support department for a minute structure,through outer edge major fixes board spiral hole conveniently air blower joint fixed Yu Yongfang in stove box.In the hert insulation department fills in the heat preservation cotton and kapok,but prevents the high temperature gas quantity of heat to transmit outward effectively.Heat preservation insulation thickness total 7 kinds:50th,75,100,125,150,175,200.The user may act according to the temperature and the stove box structure selects in the above 7 kind of thickness.In order to satisfy the user the various requirement,the heat preservation insulation increases has breaks the bridge heat insulation structure,under for details sees the chart:

Note:A is 50200mm. 
  The sign matches is 150mm
  Other thickness must when ordering indicates

Note;Must break the bridge heat
  insulation structure,
  When ordering indicat


Transmission department
Main axle

Uses the 45#high quality carbon steel precision sizing to become,has the full security and the fatigue resistance in the design.

Bearing,bearing seat
Uses for parts shows to a seat the automatic accent bulbus cordis bearings,is the grease lubrication.The radiation impeller installment in approaches on the heat preservation insulation place main axle,with radiates and the rapid chilling bearing and so on.This series air blower uses for parts the triangle band pulley is the high-test cast iron taper sleeve band pulley,facilitates services and maintain,the V belt presses must be possible to dispose the domestic product and the import.

Collection wind
Has the spray nozzle shape curve,for overall spinning forming.When chooses and matches the air blower for the belt cabinet,the collection wind must fix on the heat preservation insulation,under its structure for details sees the chart:


Brings cabinet air blower
When does not bring the cabinet,whether the collection wind can be fixed.
When ordering indicates.like needs this support way.when ordering indicates.
When or does not need the collection wind,when ordering indicates.


Selects the notice:
Bacause in the user actual system the application temperature is different,therefore in this sample the performance presses tm=20
the standard state to assign, its performance reduction method is as follows:
In the formula:Pm----Standard tm=20
When pressure(Pa)
P ----Under actual application temperature pressure(Pa)
----Actual uses the temperature lower density(kg/m³) 

P=1000Pa; t=150
Q=16000m³/h, How shaping?
Asks the temperature first for 150
when air density 
kg/ m³ 
Then temperature for 150
when the pressure converts the standard 20 under pressure
Pm=1000x(1.2/0.8346)=1437 Pa
FinaP=1437Pa;Q=16000m³/h The operating mode searches according to the sample in the air blower performance chart
The above formula indicated that under high temperature the pressure converts under the standard state to the value of pressure converts under the standard state to the value of pressure be bigger than the original high temperature,namely Pm
P,therefore chooses and matches time the air blower and the start air blower must pay attention.

Ordering Instructions:
When ordering should indicate the air blower model,the serial number ,the gyrotropic angle,the necessary electrical machinery power and the rotational speed(best provide parameter material and so on current capactity,entire pressure,static pressure,operating temperature,gas nature,rotational speed,necessary appendix and request:If heat insulating layer whether can break the bridge heat insulation,whether to need the collection wind,does not match when the cabinet whether the collection wind can support the steel pipe fixedly and so on),and suggested that by sells engineer to help the designation plan.


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