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Basic introduction of three-phase asynchronous motor
May 27, 2017

As a three-phase asynchronous motor running motor, the rotor speed of three-phase asynchronous motor is lower than that of rotational magnetic field, and the rotor windings generate electromotive force and current due to the relative motion between the magnetic field and the magnetic field interact to produce the electromagnetic torque, which realizes the energy transformation.

Compared with single-phase asynchronous motor, three-phase asynchronous motor has good performance and can save all kinds of materials, according to the different rotor structure, three-phase asynchronous motor can be divided into two types: cage and winding.

The squirrel-cage rotor has simple structure, reliable operation, light weight, cheap, has been widely used, its main disadvantage is the difficulty of speed adjustment; the rotor and stator of three-phase asynchronous motor are also provided with three-phase winding and connected with external rheostat through slip ring and brush, and adjusting rheostat resistance can improve the starting performance of the motor and adjust the speed of the motor.

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