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Cause of high temperature of mixer fan
May 27, 2017

(1) Poor lubrication quality. The purpose of lubrication is to make the static and dynamic parts not directly contact to produce friction, but to form the friction between solids and liquids. If the lubricant quantity is insufficient or the quality is bad, will make the static and dynamic partial direct friction heat, or the heat cannot carry away through the lubricating oil, but causes the bearing temperature to rise.

(2) Poor assembly quality of rolling bearings. If the internal sleeve and the shaft of the tight force is not enough, the coat and housing clearance is too large or too small.

(3) Poor bearing quality. Sliding bearing scraping research poor quality, the contact is not good or out of touch; rolling bearing rolling decent crack, fragmentation, spalling, etc., will damage the stability and uniformity of oil film, the surface of the bearing heating.

(4) The sealing felt is too tight and hot.

(5) The bearing vibration is too large to withstand the impact load, seriously affecting the stability of lubricating oil film.

(6) The bearing cooling water volume is insufficient or interrupted, affecting the heat of the band out, and the bearing temperature.

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