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High-pressure fan selection precautions
May 27, 2017

Because the use of high-pressure fan is very extensive, and its selection is relatively complex, now in the domestic market has also been a large number of domestic and foreign fans brand, so customers in the selection of high-pressure fan, must pay attention to the following:

1. A simple understanding of the strength of the supplier size: The registered capital, business scope, the company to obtain the necessary certificate.

2. The supplier's business background, historical performance and growth: The company's actions are legal and normative.

3. Product reliability, quality assurance, after-sales service is perfect: products have passed CE certification, Rosh certification, SGS certification and so on.

4. Logistics is timely, payment method, etc.

Above customers in the purchase of high-pressure fans must pay attention to the matters, in order to avoid the low price but product quality and after-sale.

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