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Preparation of high temperature air blower before installation
May 27, 2017

High-temperature wind turbine manufacturers of professionals to remind you: before installation, should carefully check whether the high temperature fan is intact, the fastener bolts are locked, in addition to the following matters:

1. High-temperature fan should be carefully inspected before the installation of the negative pressure fan is intact, the fastener bolts are loose or off, the impeller has a collision-free wind cover. Carefully check the blade or Louver in the transport process has no deformation damage.

2. When the installation chooses the outlet environment, it should be noticed that the 2.5-3m inside the tuyere can not have too much obstruction.

3. We should pay attention to the horizontal position of the high temperature fan, adjust to the level of the foundation plane, not to tilt.

4. The adjustment bolts of the high temperature blower motor should be conveniently operated in order to facilitate the adjustment of belt tightness when using.

5. When installing the bracket, must let the bracket and the foundation plane level be stable, when necessary, installs the angle next to the high temperature ventilator to carry on the reinforcement.

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