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Short circuit reason of motor
May 27, 2017

When the three-phase asynchronous motor is mainly due to the electric current is too large, the power supply voltage has changed too large, single-phase operation, mechanical injury, manufacturing, such as bad insulation caused by damage, the windings turn short-circuit, winding short-circuit, winding between the short circuit and winding short circuit.

When the short circuit of three-phase asynchronous motor will cause the ionic magnetic field distribution uneven, the current imbalance so that the electric machine vibration and noise intensified, when the motor can not start, and in the short circuit of a large short-circuit current, resulting in rapid heating and burning coil.

Because of the long term overload of the three-phase asynchronous motor, insulation aging is lost, the insulation is damaged when the wire is embedded, and the insulation resistance decreases due to damp winding the end and interlayer insulating material is not good or is damaged when the plastic is damaged, the end connection line is insulated and the insulation is broken, the rotor and the stator winding end of the friction cause insulation damage, the metal foreign body falling into the motor and excessive oil.

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