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The difference between centrifugal fan and axial fan
May 27, 2017

Centrifugal fan and axial fan main difference:

1. The centrifugal fan changes the flow of the medium in the duct, and the axial fan does not change the flow of the medium in the duct;

2. The former installation is more complex;

3. The former motor and fan are generally connected through the shaft, the latter motor in general in the fan;

4. The former is often installed in the air conditioning units into and exit, boiler drum, fan, and so on. The latter is often installed in the duct, or duct outlet front.

In addition, there are oblique flow (mixed flow) fan, the wind pressure coefficient is higher than the axial fan, the flow coefficient is larger than the centrifugal blower. Fill the gap between axial fans and centrifugal fans, and have the features of simple and convenient loading.

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