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Three-phase asynchronous motor classification
May 27, 2017

1. According to the motor structure size classification

A. Large motor means that the center height of the motor is greater than 630mm, or No. 16th or more. Or the stator core diameter is greater than 990mm. Called a large motor.

B. Medium electric motors refer to the center height of the motor base between 3,551,630 mm. or 11-15, or the outer diameter of the stator core is between 560. Called the medium motor.

C. Small motor refers to the height of the motor base in the 80-315mm. or No. 10th or below the base, or the stator iron core outside diameter between 125-560mm. Called a small motor.

2. According to motor speed classification

A. Constant speed motor has ordinary cage type, special cage type (deep groove type, double cage type, high starting torque type) and winding line.

B. Speed regulating motor is equipped with commutator of the motor, generally using three-phase and excitation-type winding rotor motor (rotor control resistance, rotor control excitation).

C. variable-speed motor with variable pole motor, single winding multi-speed motor, special cage motor and motor.

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