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Axial Flow Fan Mechanical Ventilation
Aug 03, 2017

Axial Flow Fan Mechanical ventilation

Low Noise Axial Fan Details

1 Overview 

1.1, DZ-type axial fan main features for the wide blade large chord length, space distortion, inclined leaf shape, can be achieved at low speed required air pressure, reduce fan noise. Fan impeller diameter from small to a total of 34 specifications, each specifications fan blade number are 4, air flow 400 ~ 48000M3 / H, wind pressure 40-200PA. The fan can be wall mounted or pipelable.

1.2, product classification

(DZ-11 type); post type (DZ-12 type); pipe type (DZ-13 type)

2. According to the use of the environment points:

A. Common type: suitable for non-flammable and non-corrosive gases in the environment

B. anti-corrosion type: impeller, the frame for the FRP, suitable for containing corrosive gases in the environment

C. Explosion-proof type: the motor is flameproof, the blade is aluminum alloy, suitable for flammable and explosive gas environment, explosion-proof grade EXdllBT4

3. To meet the noise requirements of different places, the fan can be equipped with different length of the muffler, the fan can also be made into a wrap.

The role of axial fans and centrifugal fans in mechanical ventilation

1 due to the difference between temperature and food temperature, the first ventilation time to be selected in the day to reduce the grain temperature and temperature gap, reduce the occurrence of condensation. After the ventilation as far as possible in the evening, because the ventilation is mainly cooling, the evening the atmosphere is relatively high humidity, low temperature, which reduces the water loss, and make full use of the low temperature at night to improve the cooling effect The

2 with centrifugal fan ventilation may occur in the early doors and windows, wall condensation, and even surface surface of a slight condensation, as long as the stop fan, open the window, open the axial fan, if necessary, flip the grain, the warehouse of hot and humid air exclusion Outside can be. And with axial fan for slow ventilation will not appear condensation phenomenon, only the middle of the grain temperature will rise slowly, with the ventilation to continue grain temperature will be a steady decline.

3 with axial fan for slow ventilation, due to the axial flow fan air volume is small, the other is the poor heat of the conductor, the initial ventilation prone to individual parts of the ventilation is slow, with the ventilation to continue the full grain temperature will gradually balance.

4 for slow ventilation of the food must be cleaned by shaking sieve, and into the warehouse of food must be promptly cleaned automatically caused by the impurity area, or easy to cause local ventilation uneven.

5 energy consumption calculation: 14 pool axial fan cumulative ventilation 50 days, an average of 15 hours a day, sharing 750 hours, the average water drop 0.4%, the average grain temperature dropped 23.1 degrees, the unit energy consumption is: 0.027kw. H / t. 28 wells accumulated ventilation for 6 days, sharing 126 hours, the average water drop 1.0%, the average temperature drop of 20.3 degrees, the unit energy consumption: 0.038kw.h / t. ℃.

6 with axial fan for the slow ventilation of the advantages: good cooling effect; unit energy consumption is low, in the promotion of energy-saving today is particularly important; easy to grasp the ventilation time, not prone to condensation; do not have a separate fan, convenient and flexible. Disadvantages: due to the small amount of air, ventilation time is long; precipitation effect is not obvious, high moisture food should not use axial fans for ventilation.

7 centrifugal fan advantages: cooling, precipitation effect is obvious, short ventilation time; Disadvantages: unit energy consumption is high; ventilation timing is not easy to appear condensation.

8 Conclusion: In the ventilation for the purpose of cooling, the use of axial fans for safe, efficient, energy efficient slow ventilation; in the purpose of precipitation for the purpose of ventilation centrifugal fan.

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