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Boiler Fan Major Development
Aug 03, 2017

Boiler Fan Major development

China Chemical Network finishing machinery and equipment: boiler fan (fan) is to rely on the input of mechanical energy, increase the gas pressure of the gas sent to the mechanical side by side, it is a follower of fluid machinery. The exhaust pressure is less than 1.5 x 10 Pa. Boiler fans are widely used for ventilation, dust and cooling in factories, mines, tunnels, cooling towers, vehicles, ships and buildings, ventilation and ventilation in boilers and industrial furnaces, air conditioning equipment and refrigeration in household appliances Ventilation, drying and feeding of cereals, wind tunnel and hovercraft inflatable and propulsion.

Boiler fan main development history

Boiler fans have a long history. China has made a simple wooden hulling windmill for many years in BC, and its principle is basically the same as that of modern centrifugal boiler fans.

In 1862, the British Guibei Er invented the centrifugal boiler fan, the impeller, the chassis is concentric round, chassis with brick, wooden impeller with backward straight blade, the efficiency is only about 40%, mainly for mine ventilation.

In 1880, people designed for the mine discharge wind of the scroll case, and the backward curved blade of the centrifugal boiler fan, the structure has been relatively perfect.

 1898 France developed into a cross-flow boiler fan; in 1898, the Irish people to design the front of the blade of the West Luo Ke-type centrifugal boiler fan, and widely used by countries; the 19th century, the axial boiler fan has been used in the mine ventilation and metallurgical industry Blast, but the pressure is only 100 to 300 Pa, the efficiency is only 15 to 25%, until the twentieth century, 40 years after the rapid development.

In 1935, Germany first use of axial pressure isobaric boiler fan for the boiler ventilation and wind; 1948, Denmark made in the operation of the adjustable axial flow boiler fan; rotary axial boiler fan, radial acceleration of the axial flow boiler fan, Slip-flow boiler fans and cross-flow boiler fans have also been developed.

Development trend of boiler fan

① to further improve the boiler fan efficiency, device efficiency and efficiency, in order to reduce power consumption;

(2) Adjustable axial-flow boiler fan with large-scale centrifugal boiler fan;

③ reduce boiler fan noise;

④ improve the smoke, dust boiler fan impeller and chassis wear resistance;

⑤ to achieve variable speed adjustment and automatic adjustment.

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