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Boiler Fan The Type Of Fan
Jul 05, 2017

Boiler Fan The type of fan

There are many types of fans, generally have, centrifugal, axial flow, and Roots blower. General boiler cited, the blower are centrifugal fans. Boiler cited, the structure of the blower are the same, but the role and installation of different positions

The main structure of the boiler centrifugal fan is as follows:

Impeller: produces the indenter, passing energy.

Chassis: Collect the gas from the impeller to the discharge port, the part of the kinetic energy into the pressure energy.

Inlet adjustment damper: regulator output, the equipment and system isolation. (Also known as the deflector, and some use of frequency conversion technology, hydraulic coupling device to adjust the output)

Large axis: transfer torque

Bearings: bear the radial load of the rotor, limiting the radial direction of the rotor movement.

Backrest wheel: connected motor, transmission shaft power

Collector: In the case of minimal loss, the airflow is evenly filled with the impeller inlet section.

Bearing box: device bearing, fill the lubricating fluid

When the centrifugal fan impeller is driven by the rotation of the motor, filled with the gas between the leaves with the rotation of the impeller, under the action of centrifugal force,

The gas is thrown out of the interphase channel and the gas is delivered from the impeller outlet. When the outflow of gas caused by the vacuum form of the impeller space, the outside of the gas will automatically enter the impeller to add. As the fan of non-stop work, the gas into the pressure out, forming a continuous flow of gas, which formed a continuous work.

Induction fan from the perspective of the fan is no difference, are driven by the fan fan fan rotation, although more complicated than the fan, but there is no difference in nature. The role of the trigger fan is determined by the location of their installation, the former is located in the back of the boiler to the boiler outside the flue blast, the negative pressure on the furnace, the smoke from the guiding role, so called the fan; The opposite is located in the front of the boiler, blowing to the boiler, so called the blower.

Noise Control Technology Editor

Boiler room blower and fan noise is generally about 90 decibels, due to the transport of boiler flue gas temperature up to 180 ℃, the use of closed sound insulation will lead to poor heat, the motor temperature is too high, or even burn the motor. Therefore, in the process of fan noise reduction and energy-saving combination of both.

In practice, the boiler fan energy saving and noise reduction comprehensive treatment program is: the boiler room of the process layout remains unchanged, the blower, induced draft fan were placed in the sound insulation room, with a ventilation pipe to connect them with the host, On or on the wall to open the air intake, and install the muffler for the room into the wind use. Plan the layout of the blower near the side of the boiler room, the air inlet in the wind side, the motor placed in the middle of the airflow channel.

Boiler running, due to the blower in the sound insulation room negative pressure, a large number of outdoor fresh air will automatically enter the sound insulation room, and the first fan motor heat exchange, so that cooling cooling, indoor temperature to maintain about 50 ℃.

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