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Common Faults Of Centrifugal Fans
May 27, 2017

Centrifugal fan fan wear resistance and wear-resistant treatment: As a large number of ventilators used in factories, mines, tunnels and other ventilation and dust removal, so the fan impeller and chassis have different degrees of wear, in some places directly affect the smooth production, so the wear-resisting performance of the fan has a high demand.

At present, the commonly used wear-resistant treatment has surfacing, spraying, spray welding, coating polymer wear-resistant materials, etc., can be relative to extend the service life of the fan. In recent years, China has introduced an effective abrasion-resistant treatment method from abroad, is in the impeller or volute surface paste or inlay wear-resistant ceramics, because wear-resistant ceramics have good wear resistance, can greatly improve the wear resistance of the extension, and paste the wear-resistant ceramic fan maintenance convenient, so in our country related industries have been widely used.

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