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Fan Basic Structure
Jul 05, 2017

Fan Basic structure

Invent time edit

In 1829, an American called James Byron was inspired by the structure of the clock and invented a mechanical fan that could be fixed on a ceiling and driven by a spring. This fan turned the fan to bring the cool breeze to make people feel happy, but have to climb the ladder to the winding, very troublesome.

In 1872, a Frenchman named Joseph developed a mechanical fan that was driven by a spring gear, driven by a gear chain, which was much more refined than the mechanical fan invented by Byron.

In 1880, the United States Shu Le for the first time the blade directly on the motor, and then connected to the power, the blade quickly turn, bursts of cool breeze blowing, this is the world's first fan.

Structure editing

Rotor: composed of magnet, fan and shaft; stator: a silicon steel, coil and bearing composition; control circuit: by the IC induction magnet N S. Through the circuit control its coil conduction and produce internal excitation to rotate the rotor. Type: Axial fan, DC fan.

Choice: Overall heat dissipation requirement Q = Cp m A T = D Cp CFM △ T

Basic structure

Mainly composed of four parts

Rotor: composed of magnets, blades and shafts;

Stator: from silicon steel, spool and bearing composition;

Control circuit: by the IC induction magnet;

S. The pole is controlled by its circuit to generate internal excitation to rotate the rotor.

working principle

The main components of the fan are: AC motor. Its working principle is: power coil in the magnetic field in the force and rotation. The energy conversion form is: the main energy into mechanical energy, and because the coil has resistance, so inevitably part of the energy to be converted into heat.

When the fan is working (assuming there is no heat transfer between the room), the temperature inside the room is not reduced, but will rise. Let us analyze the cause of the temperature rise: the fan work, because there is a current through the fan coil, the wire is a resistance, it will inevitably produce heat exothermic, so the temperature will rise. But why do people feel cool? Because the body's body has a lot of sweat, when the fan work up, the indoor air will flow up, so it can promote the rapid evaporation of sweat, combined with "evaporation need to absorb a lot of heat", so people will feel cool. Way of working

1, parallel fan: parallel double fan wind pressure unchanged, but the air volume will rise. Air volume increases the heat effect increases, in the design if the cooling power is too small can be considered to increase the fan to solve.

2, series fan: the result of the series fan is the wind pressure increases, but the air volume unchanged. This method can not solve the heat problem, generally used in the wind near the resistance is too large to use, to ensure air volume.

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