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High Pressure Fan Important Parts
Jul 20, 2017

High Pressure Fan Important parts

Bearings are important components of high pressure fans, in the operation of high-pressure fan process, play an important role. The following will introduce the high-pressure fan of the fan spindle bearings, generator bearings and bearing installed test technology research.

 First, the fan spindle bearings

The main shaft of the high pressure fan is supported by two bearings. As the main shaft bearing the load is very large, and the shaft is very long, easy to deformation, therefore, requires the bearing must have a good self-aligning performance. So the high-pressure fan bearing internal reasonable structural parameters and maintain the stability of the bracket structure of the design, the bearing has a good performance and long life.

 Second, the generator bearing

High-pressure fan generator bearings with cylindrical roller bearings and deep groove ball bearings. Through the structural design of these two bearings, improved processing technology, cleanliness control of the production process and the optimization of the relevant components to reduce the noise of the bearing vibration, the bearing has good low noise performance.

Third, the bearing installed test technology research

High-pressure blower bearing installed after the actual performance is not only related to the performance of the bearing itself, but also with the specific installation and use of the bearing is closely related to the situation, therefore, to the high-pressure fan bearing installation with the form of the installation center of the neutral study, So that high-pressure fan bearings in the actual use can get better performance.

First, security measures

The equipment should be stopped before servicing the high pressure blower and the system. During overhaul, the high pressure blower must be de-energized, and all cut-off switches and other control mechanism power switches must be in the "stop" position.

Second, the reasons for the impact of system performance

1) high pressure fan installed bad; 2) in handling or transport damage; 3) improper selection of high pressure fan; 4) improper use of high pressure fan; 5) a variety of reasons combined effects.

Third, the system check procedures

1) When the impeller is stopped by inertia movement, see if the impeller is running in the correct direction;

2) to ensure that the wind turbine relative to the casing of the correct direction of operation, do not install anti;

3) Check the cleanliness of the airflow surface (inlet, impeller, blade and the flow path between the casing), the surface of the airflow, such as the accumulation of thick dust, fan performance will be affected;

4) Check whether there is abrasions, breakage, holes, water corrosion or corrosion at the impeller blades, leaves or leaves, and in the entrance or enclosure? If it should be dealt with in a timely manner;

5) Is there any foreign matter that accumulates in the impeller, the shell, or the pipe network? If it should be promptly removed;

6) Are there airflow obstructions at the inlet of the high pressure fan?

7) Is the connection at the outlet of the high pressure fan correct? High-pressure fan outlet obstructions or hairdryer tongues on the high-pressure fan of the exhaust volume of the impact.

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