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High Temperature Fan Drive The High Temperature Life Of The Motor
Aug 03, 2017

High Temperature Fan Drive the high temperature life of the motor

High temperature fan as a high temperature environment, the application of special fans, in addition to the workplace of high temperature, but also need their own materials with high temperature and high pressure performance, high temperature fan life in a certain range of normal operation, including motor life, And forced cooling performance. So why is the high temperature fan heating?

First, the first drive motor is the high temperature life, which requires the drive motor winding insulation, the higher the insulation level, allowing the highest winding temperature higher, while supporting the needs of high temperature motor oil, and rotor bearings need to use more high temperature, Features a large internal gap, with a special cage and dust cover. And in the surface of high temperature manganese phosphate bearing treatment, to prevent corrosion, improve operational performance.

Second, the motor and the volute between the forced cooling performance, due to high temperature environment, high temperature fan is generally high temperature gas circulation, when the high temperature and drive motor shaft heat conduction, the motor part of the forced cooling function is cooling, the normal use of motor drive temperature, Thus contributing to the life of the motor. The cooling fan installed synchronously with the motor shaft will be forced to run synchronously with the motor spindle in order to enhance the cooling function of the spindle and achieve cooling

Finally, it is the fan and fan blade thermal expansion performance, in general, the higher the thermal conductivity, the stronger the heat, the higher the coefficient of expansion, the higher the temperature, so the best high temperature fan material is stainless steel, followed by cold rolling Board, and finally aluminum, but taking into account the installation performance, the current use of cast aluminum fans to achieve high temperature motor performance.

The above three points is to ensure that the high temperature fan high temperature, the general high temperature motor insulation level can be H level, that is, 180 degrees, if greater than 180 degrees, from the drive motor winding need to produce in addition to special bearings.

In the daily work, high-temperature fan of the good work efficiency, one is brought by the equipment itself, there are some factors because of the role of lubricants. As we all know, lubricants are used to lubricate and reduce friction. In order to help you understand, the following Xiaobian to tell you about the role of lubricants in high temperature fans.

1, can effectively reduce the friction between components

Between the bearing and the tooth surface between the mutual movement, the role of adding lubricating oil on the surface, is to separate the friction surface, to reduce the friction between components, improve the effectiveness of high-temperature fan.

2, the normal role of lubricating oil is to reduce wear and tear

The lubricating oil between the bearing or the tooth surface can reduce the friction load, thereby reducing the wear of the equipment.

3, lubricating oil can also play the role of cooling

As the role of high-temperature fan, the equipment in the long-term operation, the surface temperature must be high heat, add the oil is to reduce the friction of the equipment heat.

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