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High Temperature Fan Precautions
Jul 20, 2017

High Temperature Fan Precautions

Industrial hot air blowers in the industrial industry is a common but the equipment, the use of a wide range of equipment, and now there are more and more places to use, then the industrial hot air fan installation and use of what matters? As a staff member, these are sure to understand, and today for these questions, we look at the professional staff is how to analyze.

Industrial hot air machine as an industrial equipment, the use of the process there will certainly be some risk, in order to avoid such and such risks, must have the correct installation and proper use. Then the installation of industrial hot air and the use of precautions are what? First look at the installation, installation must be able to avoid the rain and snow, and the place must be installed in the indoor dry place, to avoid moisture. The ventilation of the room must be better, this equipment must not be used in some sealed box place.

Installation time, the outlet needs to tilt 15 degrees, 10 degrees below the tilt, as long as within this range is no problem. As for the body about the degree of tilt, are generally within the scope of 15 degrees.

Take a look at the use of industrial hot air fans precautions, the use of the equipment, the most should be noted that it is necessary to keep away from flammable and explosive items or gas, the best air can not be corrosive, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous The Equipment must be strictly checked before the use of the surrounding environment, a little bit of unqualified places should be taken seriously, the only way to be able to use more smoothly.

After the use of equipment, be sure to cut off the power in time, in the case of power workers need to pay attention to equipment and their own safety. In order to extend the service life of the equipment, it is recommended to use a period of time after the equipment will be a major maintenance, usually in three months or six months can be a problem, timely solution, effectively help you easily solve problem.

Industrial hot air fan installation and use of what are the results? Through the above analysis, I believe we have more understanding. With the industrial industry demand for the device gradually increased, coupled with the expectations of the equipment is now getting higher and higher, late equipment will gradually advance with the times, strive for people to provide better performance.

Industrial hot fans are mainly used in the industrial sector, and now the development of the industry is very rapid, it is widely used in this equipment. So, compared with the traditional equipment, industrial hot fans are reflected in the advantages of where? For this problem, today we come together to see, after seeing that we will have more understanding.

In fact, there are many advantages of industrial hot air machine, from the raw materials, industrial hot air machine is used pure NICR alloy, which does not contain any material inside the iron, the use of the effect is very good, in particular, do not worry because of oxidation Blown. But the traditional heat pipe is not the same, it is the use of iron heating wire, prone to oxidation, easier to burn, the use of the process will not be very safe, but also affect the normal use.

From the structural point of view, the hot fan of the electric wire is generally hidden in the hidden hole inside the ceramic, this design is very good, hot air can be evenly from both sides of the heating wire through, not only the air volume is large, and the wind The resistance is also very small, the temperature of the heating wire will not be high. And the traditional heating tube is different, the heating wire tied to the porcelain column, so the hot air can only pass from the side, not only less air volume, and the wind resistance is great, the use of electric wire will have a relatively high temperature.

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