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How To Maintain And Store Axial Fan
May 27, 2017

1. The use of the environment should be kept tidy, the surface of the fan to keep clean, into and out of the air outlet should not be sundry, regular cleaning fan and pipe dust and other debris.

2. Only in the axial fan completely normal conditions can operate, at the same time to ensure adequate capacity of power supply facilities, voltage stability, the lack of phase operation, the power supply line must be dedicated line road, should not be long-term use of temporary power supply.

3. Fan in the operation process found that the cabinet type centrifugal fan has abnormal sound, motor serious fever, Shell charged, switch tripping, can not start and so on, should immediately stop inspection, in order to ensure safety, do not allow in the operation of the fan maintenance, overhaul should be carried out after five minutes or so, confirmed that no abnormal phenomenon and then boot operation.

4. In accordance with the use of environmental conditions on the replacement of the bearing or replace the lubricating grease (motor closed bearings in the service life period does not have to replace Grease), in order to ensure that the fan in the process of good lubrication, refueling times not less than 1000 hours/times closed bearings and motor bearings, refueling with zl-3 lithium grease filled bearing inner and outer rings of 1/3;

5. Axial fan storage in a dry environment, to avoid damp motor, fan in the open storage, should be defensive measures. In the process of storage and handling should prevent the fan bump, in order to avoid damage to the fan.

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