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Introduction Of Three-phase Asynchronous Motor Stator Rotor Stamping
May 27, 2017

Three-phase asynchronous motor fixed rotor punching sheet as long as the material is correct, the shape meets the requirements can be used normally, there is little to say that the poor quality, if the shape is not qualified, three-phase asynchronous motor rotor and stator may produce friction, if the material is unqualified, the general is silicon Steel, will make the motor iron loss increase (that is, hysteresis loss and Eddy current increase), more easily heating, motor stator (for the asynchronous motor also includes the rotor of the punching film) and cost and iron damage.

The thicker the three-phase asynchronous motor, the cheaper the silicon steel plate, manufacturing process is simpler, but, the thicker the silicon Steel, eddy current loss is greater, that is, the greater the iron loss, the reason for the asynchronous motor, the rotor of the film also has an impact, because synchronous motor rotor and magnetic field because of synchronization relative to the static, so basically no iron loss.

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