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Measures For Reducing The Noise Of Dust Blower
May 27, 2017

In order to be in peacetime mechanical production. Reduce the expenditure of human and material resources, increase production efficiency, dust blower has become one of the common auxiliary production equipment in our life, in the production, will produce a lot of noise, and thus affect the environmental pollution, as well as the health of the staff, how should we make noise reduction?

1. Install sound insulation hood, isolate the noise of the host. In the sound insulation hood installed in and out of the wind muffler to ensure that the fan cooling.

2. With the wind duct direction, in the dust blower installed muffler, to achieve the purpose of noise.

3. When installing the sound insulation hood, should pay attention to the heat dissipation, in order to ensure the cooling fan.

4. Dust blower should be selected standard parts to facilitate maintenance.

5. According to the noise reduction of dust blower, additional sound insulation damping measures are added.

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