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Mixed Flow Fan Ventilation And Water
Jul 20, 2017

Mixed Flow Fan Ventilation and water

With the increasing size of grain storage, storage and storage technology is also constantly upgrading and promotion. As such as soybeans, such as the species should not be kept, some of the poor quality of soybeans, higher levels of impurities, high temperature season, soybean rotation, to the storage has brought a lot of hidden dangers. The temperature control is an important means of soybean storage safety, ventilation is the key.

      So how to achieve ventilation and water conservation, energy saving it? In the past, single-use high-power centrifugal fans have a large amount of water loss and excessive power loss. There are also a lot of grain reserves. A long time, slow down, easy to exist ventilation dead ends, and both sides are prone to expose and other defects.

      Experiments show that the use of mixed flow fan on the storage of water for the effect of water is very good. Using mixed flow fan, ventilation 68h, power consumption 598.4K / h, unit energy consumption 0.03kW / ℃ * t, water consumption 0.1%.

      The use of mixed-flow fan ventilation cooling, and the effect of centrifugal fan and axial fan with the unit energy consumption and water consumption is basically the same, and make up for the centrifugal fan and axial fan ventilation process defects and shortcomings, mixed flow fan ventilation the whole process of cooling Uniform, the effect is obvious, simple and flexible operation, cost-effective, with high application value.

1, mixed flow fan should be carefully checked before installation of the fan and the chassis due to damage or deformation of the transport, or should be installed before the repair;

2, check the connection bolts are loose, fan start, first of all to check the fan pipe with or without obstruction of the rotation of the items;

3, check the motor insulation performance is good, turn on the power to see whether the collision and abnormal vibration;

4, fan vibration for many reasons, you can check from the following aspects:

A impeller and the hairdryer phase friction, and issued an abnormal sound and vibration;

B bracket feet bolts are not fastened, there will be a greater vibration;

C bolt and sleeve connection bolts loose;

D bracket and motor connection bolt loose lead to impeller imbalance, bearing damage caused by intense vibration.

5, running at room temperature found that the motor temperature is too high, it may be caused by the following reasons:

A motor bearing damage, with the gap is small, does not meet the requirements;

B axis and bearing installation skew, two bearings different shaft degrees;

C power supply voltage is too low or three-phase motor phase-breaking operation

Its ambient temperature should not exceed 60 ℃, has now been widely used in general warehouses, factories, offices, residential ventilation or strong heating heat. Some mixed flow fans are also installed in longer exhaust pipes to increase the pressure in the pipe. And in order to use it to achieve a better application effect, but also need to pay attention to the following: 1, in the mixed flow fan end must be installed winders, and the installation of protective net. 2, the installation should be a detailed check before the mixed flow fan damage deformation, if any, should be properly repaired before being installed. 3, the installation should pay attention to check the various parts of the phenomenon of loosening, leaf and hairdryer gap should be uniform, shall not touch. 4, the connection of the weight of the outlet pipe should not be occupied by the mixer fan, the installation should be additional support. 5, mixed flow fan base must be natural with the foundation plane, shall not beat the base forced connection, to prevent deformation of the base, the installation should be corrected base, plus pad iron, to maintain the horizontal position, and then tighten the anchor bolts. 6, mixed flow fan installed, must first be tested, only after the success of the test allowed to use.

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