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Selection Tips For High Pressure Blower
May 27, 2017

RHG high-pressure blower is an indispensable industry machinery and equipment, high-pressure blower is very widely used, because its selection is relatively complex, in general, need to follow the following two steps:

1. First of all, the need to determine the site is the use of RHG high-pressure blower what function, is the suction or blow, suction and blowing of the pressure required; If the wrong parameters are selected, sometimes the RHG high pressure blower can not be used;

2. According to the calculated pressure and flow, found at the same time to meet the pressure and flow of the corresponding work points above the curve; then according to the work curve choose RHG High pressure blower model; As long as it is different work site, its pressure and flow demand is not the same, so, to get relatively accurate data, you need to do the relevant calculations.

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