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Type Of Fan
May 27, 2017

1. Fan according to the use of material classification can be divided into several kinds, such as iron Shell fan (ordinary fan), FRP fans, plastic fans, aluminum fans, stainless steel fans and so on

2. Fan classification can be divided into centrifugal, axial-flow, oblique-flow (mixed-flow) and Cross-flow-type, according to the direction of gas flow.

3. Fan according to airflow into the impeller after the flow direction is divided into: axial-flow fan, centrifugal fan and oblique flow (mixed-flow) fan.

4. Fan by the use of the pressure into the local fan (hereinafter referred to as the Press-type fan) and flameproof motor placed outside the flow channel or in the flow channel, flameproof motor placed in the explosion-proof sealing cavity of the extraction-type local fan (hereinafter referred to as extraction fan).

5. In accordance with the form of pressure can also be divided into single-stage, two-stage or multi-stage pressure blower, such as 4-72 is single-stage pressure, roots blower is multi-stage pressure blower

6. According to the use of fans can be divided into: Axial fan, mixed-flow fan, roots fan, roof fan, air-conditioning fan and so on.

7. Fan according to pressure can be divided into low-pressure fan, medium pressure fan, high pressure fan.

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